Mediation Skills to Resolve Conflict

Conflicts in the workplace can become stormy. Good mediation skills are needed to resolve conflict. Whenever there is any conflict in the workplace, it must be resolved quickly.

Conflicts can affect the productiveness of the employees and also cause harm to the mental health of other employees. To resolve conflict, mediation skills are essential.

Safe environment

You should create a safe environment for having a conversation between the two parties. This way they will feel safe and comfortable. They will be able to talk about even the most difficult issues easily.

When the environment is safe, people develop trust, and they don’t feel the fear of judgment. They can talk freely and open up their minds.

Listen without judging anyone

When there is a conflict, you should let both parties express themselves openly. You should give them the scope to express their viewpoints. The mediator must have active listening skills.

Don’t stop them in the middle when they are talking. Even if they are saying something wrong, let them speak up. Don’t give advice right away. Try to understand them. Be silent and have an open mind rather than starting to judge them.

Focus on needs

People who experience conflict have a fixed mindset most of the time and they can’t deviate from it. You need to start looking for the underlying cause of the conflict.

In a workplace, the needs of the employees are tangible like getting a promotion, earning more salary. At the same time, there are psychological needs as well. The mediator’s job is to listen to the unmet needs.

Negotiate and compromise

After you have listened to both the parties and have explored the issues, you should go over the points again and find out the shared opinions. So, you should resolve these issues fast as this will create positive momentum.

Both the parties will be happy with it. Then raise the difficult issues and try to negotiate. Ask the parties to rethink an issue and suggest alternative courses of action.

Have a written agreement

You should have a written agreement on the issues agreed upon so that they can dispute again on the same issues later.

By using these mediation techniques, you will be able to resolve workplace conflict easily. You will be able to provide a safe environment for the employees to express their concerns and help to resolve conflicts.