How To Manage and Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict is something inevitable in the workplace. In some offices, it is a daily issue and in others, it happens less frequently. So, you need to have effective conflict management and resolution skills to increase productivity.

This will also help you to make better business decisions. Here are some strategies you should consider for resolving conflict.

Know about the misconceptions

‘Conflict’ is not synonymous with ‘fighting’. It’s just differing in opinion. Conflict can be managed through productive conversations. You should try to solve the disagreements in the office by talking about them in a positive tone. You should listen to each viewpoint and then explain.

Create a safe environment

During the conflict, your emotions can be at the peak level and people might cross their limits to express the emotion. This will create a negative environment within the workplace and the other employees will be affected too.

So, you should set boundaries so that the people involved in the conflict cannot cross those boundaries. This will make the office environment safe. You shouldn’t attack anyone personally, refrain from using abusive language and also listen to the other person before responding.

Focus on both individual and shared needs

When resolving conflicts, you need to look at both the individual and shared needs. You should give each side time to explain their stance. Try to create a mutual understanding. Always maintain a positive attitude so that trust and respect are still present.

Choose your conflict resolution style

There are five commonly used conflict resolution styles. These are: collaborating, competing, compromising, accommodating, and avoiding. Depending on the situation, you should use a suitable style to resolve conflict.

You shouldn’t rush into resolving conflicts. Choose an appropriate place and have a positive tone throughout when managing and resolving conflicts.