In an office environment, it is necessary to handle conflicts professionally. You shouldn’t let any party create chaos and act unprofessionally. During conflict, people often don’t have any control over their emotions, and they can cross the lines. It is the duty of an HR specialist, manager, or mediator to handle the situation.

To learn about conflict management, you should read books related to it and learn the right techniques and approaches. Here are some recommended books.

The Conflict Pivot

By – Tammy Lenski

In this book, you will know why you get into conflicts and what you can do to free yourself from them. Here you will find the solution to resolve conflicts that are bothering you and know how to prevent such conflict later in life. Here the author shares a simple yet powerful approach to transform conflict into something peaceful.

The Dance of Opposites

By – Kenneth Cloke

Here the author provides a vision for conflict resolution. He analyzes the use of languages in conflict and how the brain responds to it. Things like spirituality, religion, and meditation are included in this book.

These help in opening communications between the parties involved in the conflict. Here you will know about the various social, environmental, and political conflicts that take place and how you can deal with such difficult issues.

Beyond Neutrality

By – Bernard S. Mayer

The author is an internationally acclaimed leader in the field of conflict resolution. He encourages people to ask the toughest and most controversial questions about conflict management. He talks about conflict resolution, the profession of mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and more.

Negotiate Without Fear

By – Victoria Medvec

Here you will learn about the tools required for negotiations during conflicts. Here you will know how to eliminate fear when it comes to negotiations. The author gives advice and tips on increasing negotiating confidence and get the maximum out of the negotiation.

A conflict often ends with negotiation. So, having good negotiation skills can help to get the best outcome from such a situation.

High Conflict

By – Amanda Ripley

Sometimes conflicts take place from nowhere. These are called ‘high conflict’ situations. The conflict is initially invisible until it takes a nasty turn. It is not a healthy conflict. The brain behaves differently during this time. Even good people can get caught by high conflicts. In this book, you will learn how to break free from high-conflict situations.

These books have received positive reviews and are highly recommended. You will learn a lot about conflict management after reading these books.